Choosing a QR Code Generator

This morning as I was answering a question on Linkedin about QR Codes, I realized that not everyone knows there are different types of QR Code generators out there on the market and few truly know the power or capability of using one in a marketing campaign.

So, I Googled QR Codes and I received over 7 millions results. Mostly articles and blogs (like this) about QR Codes and how they can be used to market your products and services to smart phone users. There were also some images, samples, Wikipedia definitions and scanner apps. And, then of course the services that proclaim to “propel you into mobile marketing” . The point is that there is a ton of information about QR Codes. Where does one start if they want to launch a QR Code Campaign?

Before you start your search on Google, you should know that no two QR Codes are alike. Test drive a free QR Code generator using a “standard” FREE web based service below:
–Quick QR
–QR Stuff
–And, so many more!

OR sign up for a free trial of Go Mobile Tag and start using an intelligent QR Code generator in minutes.  The differences between “standard” free web based apps and “intelligent” Go Mobile Tag are significant with the “standard” lacking advanced data tracking capabilities, easy to use content management system platform and customization features.

The key to finding the right QR Code generator service is to test multiple systems before picking the one that you will be launching your campaign with. You should see very quickly which ones have the best reporting functionality and editing components. The other thing to consider is that depending on the size and scope of your campaign, you may want to look for a service that was created and is presently managed by a technology company that has created other software apps and worked with larger clients. Looking at samples of the companies work and/or list of clients can be useful when launching a campaign that relies on the companies expertise to keep it live. No web based service is perfect but the peace of mind knowing that you can pick up the phone and call someone when something doesn’t work right is priceless. Knowing that they have the staff and expertise to fix the issue is as close to perfection as you are going to get.

Happy QRing!

Written by: Erika Rossi-Raia, Right Brain Media

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Director of Marketing Communications at RiGHT BRAiN MEDiA and Founder of Fasttrack Scouting

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