Roku Channel Builder is Coming Soon!, which focuses on Roku Channel Development, is coming soon from Right Brain Media.

Roku Channel Builder allows users to design and create their channel right from within the online platform. By adding a company logo and custom colors, users can quickly add their own branding to their channel to make it unique. Both live streaming and on demand video can be added and managed from within their account and integration with makes ongoing video management easy as well.

The Roku Channel Builder platform also includes real-time updating. After the initial installation with Roku has been completed, the platform provides instant updates to Roku. This can be done because of the feed-based design and on the fly integration with StreamOrigin.

“The feed-based design makes managing a Roku Channel so much easier,” says Dwight Hooper, CEO. “The integration capabilities and ease-of-use really make this platform second to none when it comes to getting on Roku.”

The pricing packages offered for Roku Channel Builder, include everything necessary to install the custom channel on Roku. Installation Help is also available if users try to install it on their own and then find that they need help. Custom Roku Channel design and development is also offered, but does include additional costs.

Due to investor activity, the project is still in private beta and will not be open to the public until the first quarter of 2013. For investor information, please contact

If you are interested in custom Roku Channel development, would like more information on Roku Channel Builder or investment opportunities, please contact us!

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